Wahl Professional Clipper Oil - 4 oz

Wahl Professional Clipper Oil - 4 oz

WAHL OIL is the standard in the clipper cutting industry. Apply the 5 step oiling method to your clippers blades (or three-step for your trimmer blades) after each cut to prolong blade life.


 Wahl Professional Clipper Oil - 4 oz


  Spray CLINI CLIP on to blades before oil application for complete care. Refer to the maintenance guide or video below for proper oiling techniques.

 Wahl Oil is specifically formulated to work best with Wahl clippers. Just a few drops of the Wahl Oil and it's Special lubricants is all it takes to extend the life of blades and clippers. It coats the blades with an ultra-thin film of corrosion prevention.

Regular use of clipper oil with your appliance not only helps the blades to run more smoothly, preventing overheating from friction, but will actually help to prolong the life of your blades and their cutting precision.



Brand: Wahl Professional

Model: 3310