Stylecraft Absolute Alpha Custom Body Kit Spare Lids - Red Wood, Grey Wood, & Transparent Green

Listing is only for the Red Wood, Grey Wood, & Transparent Green Spare Lids. Alpha Clipper NOT included
  • Stylecraft Absolute Alpha custom body kits
  • Fits all Alpha models

How to use

For replacing the colored cover:

  • Unhook the upper cover of the device by unscrewing the three screws behind the unit

  • Make sure that not all the screws are removed

  • Gently remove the top cover without using tools

  • Make sure that all the components are in place. Pay attention to the charging pin which can be easily moved from its correct position.

  • Assemble the new cover by carefully hooking the supports of the charging pin

  • Tighten the screws on the back of the housing

  • Before using the appliance, check that it is working properly.