Kashi S-1114V Professional Thinning shears, 6" Silver Color 14 Teeth

The Thinning professional scissor is made with Japanese Steel 440B, resistant and highly accurate in each cut, this presentation with a measure of 6 inche, can be held for multiple cuts without tiring your hands or fingers, with a rubber muffler provides a quiet hairdressing experience, the adjustment knob has beautiful detail in black, which makes the presentation and versatility more attractive, comfortable offset handle design with slightly bent thumb perfect for for barbershops, salons, and pet grooming.


The textured scissors have large teeth along one edge that leaves small gaps for hair to slip into larger spaces in the scissor blade, these scissors are ideal for pet grooming, this scissor has a 60 -70% thinning rate


Model: S-1114V

Thinning: 14 Teeth

Band: Kashi Shears.

Size: 6 inch

Color: Silver

Material: Japanese  Steel 440B

Easy to clear.

Easy system for variable tension settings.