Kashi RRB-114D Professional Barber Men's Shaving Straight Razors Blade Exposed and Regular, Red and Black Slide

Professional quality Barber Men's Shaving Razors. Two in one

 Professional Stainless Steel handle Straight Edge Razor performs well and provides the right holding angle to avoid discomfort and safe to use

For professional barbers and stylists, this sturdy razor is ideal for advanced pros who need to perform more precise and detailed work.

Brand: Kashi Shears


  • Black Anodized Japanese stainless steel blade. Red ABS Plastic material handle.

  • Comes with an extra exposed blade.Two in one.

  • Slide-In type open/push open

  • Hand Adjustable Tension screw.

  • Takes Double Edge Half blades

  • Ergonomic Design

  • Model: RRB-114D