JRL FreshFade 1090 Cordless Clipper

 FreshFade 1090 Cordless Clipper

This professional Cordless Clipper allows precision regardless of tough areas and perfect for making new cutting styles and creations with greater dexterity and control in each area.

4 hours of charging yields 7 hours of use


Brand: JRL Professional



  • Patented stay-cool technology- keeps blades cool to the touch
  • Rust-free, long lasting, self-sharpening titanium blades- stay sharp for every cut
  • Patented smart-clip technology- senses blade resistance and revs up the motor speed
  • Turbo boost engine automatically kicks into gear when working with coarse, dense hair textures
  • Fast charging lithium ion battery - lasts 3 times longer than traditional batteries
  • 3 LED lights to show battery status