G.HAIR Plastica Capilar Keratin Collagen Anti-Frizz & Volume Treatment Kit 2 x1 Lts

Plástica Capilar Marroquina (Moroccan Hair Plastic Surgery) is the ideal treatment for hair abraded by environmental aggression and chemical processes. Rich in cocoa extract (regenerator and revitalizer) and amino acids, besides its anti-residue action, it strengthens and hydrates the strands.

When hair is dull and lifeless and when hydration has no effect, the GHair Plastic Hair Kit recovers the strength and health of the hair, with shine and softness. 

It treats dry ends, seals cuticles, aligns hair, and fights frizz.

Indication: All hair types.

Results: Replenishes keratin and reduces volume by up to 30%.

Kit includes:

  • 1x Plastica Capilar Moroccan Deep Cleansing Shampoo - 1000ml: removes residue from the hair, effectively for the durability and effectiveness of the treatment.
  • 1x Moroccan Capillary Plastic Keratin Collagen System - Treatment 1000ml: restores vital ingredients for the health and resistance of the threads.