Felps Professional Omega Zero Resistence Nanoplastia Smoothing Treatment - (1L/33.8oz)

Omega Zero Resistence Nanoplastia Smoothing Treatment

  • Felps Professional has extensive experience in the production of hair care products creating quality products with the latest technology to make your hair looks really beautiful.
  • Omega Zero Nanoplasty is a hair smoothing treatment. It has a soft and unique formula that generates effects of softness, smoothing and radiant shine.
  • Smooth hair: This Thermal Sealing Professional, Treats and smoothes the hair, leaving it feeling naturally light and beautiful
  • Long-term protection: Its unique formula with presence of amino & tannin acids, collagen and raw materials of very high technology, promotes long-term protection with volume reduction. It reveals the shine, protects the color and increases the diameter of the hair fiber. Strong formula.