Expert Hair Keratin Smooth Volume & Frizz Reducing Capillary Reconstructing Treatment (1kg/35.3oz)

This treatment is made up of unique active ingredients for high performance and unmatched results. With nourishing properties from argan, olive, macadamia, and coconut oils, this treatment will completely transform and revitalize damaged hair with a new layer of keratin – leaving the hair soft and shiny.

While preserving your natural curls, the anti-frizz and volume reducing effects from this treatment will last for months keeping your hair healthier and easier to maintain.

How to use: After thoroughly cleaning the hair with Expert Hair’s clarifying shampoo, apply the Capillary Treatment evenly from root to tips and let it sit for 15-25 minutes. Rinse excess product from the hair (leaving a light residue) and dry completely with a hair dryer. Using small sections of hair at a time, flat iron each section 7-10 times to activate the thermal sealing treatment.